With the Highs come the Lows

12th November 2018

In the words of Ronan Keating, life is a rollercoaster! Last Sunday as I said was so amazing but then comes the low to the high…

On the way into the studio on Tuesday I cried most of the way, with tears of sadness rather than joy. All I could think was why why why couldn’t my mum just come back for one day. Those that read my blog from the beginning will know that she never got to see my studio as she died 3 weeks after I opened, let alone know that I am now in her most favourite shop (Next). 

She was always so proud, her last job was a receptionist in a large building and I think the whole building knew everything there was to know about me and my husband. I imagine if she’d still have been alive she’d have taken the trophy to work with her 😂. 

Moving on to a positive note, my baby is no longer a baby this week, he is turning 4, where does the time go?! I’ve never held a party for him at the studio, but after lasts years disastrous Party at another venue (every child ended up crying and they gave Rory egg, which he’s seriously allergic too), I’ve decided I’ll host. We are going to be doing a bear hunt party and I’m so so excited 🐻! I’ll post some pics next week. 

This week (from tomorrow) is free artwork week, so this means all artwork by me and Tina will be free. Last week I painted for 10 hours a day for 3 days solid and it still looks like I haven’t made a dent in it 🙈. I must admit I do love this party of the job though and it only comes around once a year. 

Lastly, don’t forget we have Santa coming on 9th December and we have just a few spaces left for this super special event. I just don’t want to oversell it as I want it to be really special for the children that attend. I’ll be there with my double trouble too, this time as a customer 🎅in the hope that I can cure Minnie’s fear of Santa 😂- no dark little room for a start! 

Right talking of Minnie it’s time to collect her from school, then it’s make a rainforest model making for her homework tonight- the pressure!!! Talking of rainforests… how wonderful is the Iceland advert, bringing such an important issue to people who may not otherwise have known. I don’t shop there but I’m now going to make the effort to and I really do hope the ban is lifted 🐒. 


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