Where to start…?!

29th January 2018 | Emily's Blog, Next - Arndale Centre News, Prestwich News, Uncategorized

Well where do I start… it’s been an eventful few days/weeks/can’t remember what day it is, never mind when I last blogged! All has been good though (apart from my kitchen- which I’ll come on to).

Last week we hosted a fabulous event, we asked you guys to help us create an I Love MCR wall for our studio. Lots of you came and painted a tile for us which will be going on our wall in the new studio at Next, I’m really excited to get them all on the wall. Firstly, I think we need a few more painted (from our team and my friends that have helped me in more ways than you can imagine over the years) and secondly I need to get around to painting the text part of it, but watch this space….

Some of you may have see me cast my beautiful friend Claire’s pregnant belly a couple of weeks ago, LIVE ON FACEBOOK!!! This was only going to go one way terrible (but hysterical- unless Claire fainted then I’d poo myself- thankfully my mother in law was there (by chance as I’m not that organised) who is queen bee of first aid and health and safety) or amazingly. I’m still in shock but it went amazing and Claire looked so cute on the film bless her. I owe her big time for sitting there in her bra whilst I experimented- that sounds so wrong. Anyway, today was my day off… so off me and Rory (my 3 year old) trotted off to Hobbycraft- aka my happy place, for lots of bits and bobs to decorate the cast.

All was going well, I collected Minnie from school and thought I’d let double trouble do Minnie’s latest school project- make a boat, whilst I decorate the cast. I NEVER get the paints out at home- shocking I know coming from me, I just can’t be bothered with the mess, but I did. Thirty minutes in, the room is so full of dust it looks like its snowed and my chairs, walls, Rory and the cat are green. Minnie’s boat will probably sink at school given I was being selfish sticking embellishments on a belly rather than helping her create the QE2, meaning Minnie will have a meltdown- she’s competitive- gets that (along with all other bad traits) from her Dad. On a positive note, I’m excited to get the cast mounted so I can share it with you guys.

In other news, we are going to be working with the utterly amazing Zara cakes on the ultimate birthday party package, but more info on that soon… I have also put on lots of workshops for the school holidays at both studios, including Slime (after the success of our previous workshops), Unicorn Workshops and make a freakshake workshops, plus there will be more announced this week.

Right I’m off to enjoy a Vino and SAS (from last night on channel 4), funnily enough one of our regulars will be appearing on the next series which I’m excited to see! Enjoy your evening guys x


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