What a 6 weeks!

5th September 2018

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I have blogged… those of you that visited us over the holidays will know why ๐Ÿ™‚ we’ve been lovely and busy and it’s been so nice to see lots of new and lots of familiar faces from Prestwich. We still get loads of people asking why Prestwich is closed and it is really nice that people miss it, but my stress levels have halved and time for my family has doubled, so it was the right decision.

On to more current news… September is running away with me already! Today I attempted to get a ‘to do list’, but I never managed to finish the list, which does make me wonder how I’ll get around to doing the actual things on the list ha ha, but I do love list. I have so many new event ideas for both Christmas and Halloween, as well as non-seasonal events, I’m really excited to start bringing them together and sharing them with you all.

I would have to say that our most successful event of the holidays was definitely Unicorn Crafternoon tea, so we will be hosting more of these as we have had lots of requests, fear not if you missed out!

During the holidays I managed to take a holiday with my family (ooo get me!), we went to Scotland, the weather wasn’t the best but the place was stunning, and you’ll never guess what they had… A pottery studio!!! I said to Paul that I know it’s super sad but I’d actually go and paint for an afternoon, no surprise I was met with a flat ‘no chance’.

Some of you may have met my daughter Minnie over the holidays, due to a few emergency childcare issues (like me turning up at holiday club, only to find out it was closed- totally my fault at being disorganised with my diary). I’m super lucky to be able to do this, and super lucky to have lovely customers who let her talk their children to death, or even sit and stare at them whilst they paint (she’s nosey like her mum). The first day back at school was also a little disorganised in our house, we were having a chilled out morning in P.J’s when I thought I’d text another Mum to double check they started on Tuesday, but no they started Monday!!! You can imagine the scene of me trying to get all 3 of us ready in 15 minutes… I hope the many children I have spoken to in the studio had a nice first day, I know lots of them were excited to start school.

Anyway I digress, someone who I am really proud of at the moment is my marketing guy, aka Simon, last night he was on the telly (the BBC2 channel no less!) as part of a documentary on being a British Jew. Only Simon could pull off wearing in one scene a teddy bear as a hat and a full on banana costume in another whilst quite serious subjects were discussed. He’s on tonight too, check him out, famous at last!

Last but not least, those of you that enjoy a bit of peace and quiet, join us on 27th September at 7.30pm, we have our usual Pottery and Prosecco night, plus make a clay Christmas Wreath (I know it’s early but they take a few weeks to dry and then need to be painted- method in the madness), those of you that have read my blog will know clay is my most favourite thing EVER, I promise if you come and have a go you will be addicted.

Right I am off to continue the To Do List, wish me luck… oh and don’t forget to watch Simon tonight 9pm.


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