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4th April 2018 | Emily's Blog, Next - Arndale Centre News, Prestwich News

Thank you to so many of you for your kind words about my decision to close Prestwich, it really does mean a lot. It’s been lovely to see some of your faces in my new studio too. I wasn’t expecting such a response (neither was my website guy- the ever suffering Greg), we had so many thousands clicking on the blog it crashed the site! Hopefully you guys got to read it when it went back up (rather than just the comments on the link to the post).

I had a few people worrying that I was suddenly going to close the door and they weren’t going to be able to collect their pots... I promise this won’t happen, I’m not going bankrupt or anything drastic like that, I won’t be leaving until I find a new tenant for the building. Although having said that I would really appreciate if you guys could collect pots (especially those that haven’t collected for a few months) as we are running out of space and are going to have to give those pots that we’ve had longer than 3 months to the charity shop- we’ll be doing this at the end of half term.

I’ve been in Next today, making lots of slime and also finding a spare ten minutes to start experimenting with some new painting ideas for workshops. One thing I wasn’t expecting today was a call from Rory’s nursery.... to say he’d stuck a pea up his nose 🙈!! They’d tried lots of ways to get it out, but the pea was more like a Brussel sprout! So thankfully Paul had finished his speech at a conference (he’s such a geek- but that’s why I love him- sometimes 😜) and took him to A&E. When he asked him why he did it, he said ‘my arm did it’ excellent. After 3 attempted the pea came out, yay!

I’m super excited for our Unicorn Princess Party this Friday, I love a bit of glitter and dancing, and of course painting! Also coming up next week on the 13th April it’s the Next launch party day, there’s so much going on in the store, lots of discounts, giveaways and entertainment.

In our studio (Next only), we’ll be doing free glitter tattoos for all painters (we even have superhero ones), lots of giveaways throughout the day and special offers for party bookings made that day.

Right I'm off to enjoy a kebab and I've not even had a drink (it's the rules to eat junk food in half term)...


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