The Rain Dance…

23rd April 2019

Every ceramic painting studio in the country is currently doing or is exhausted from doing ‘The Rain Dance’ ☔️. Other than people selling umbrellas I think we are the only people regularly praying for rain 😂.

Easter has been much quieter than usual, with most people choosing to spend their much earned pennies enjoying the sun at the farms and the parks, which I definitely don’t  blame them (as we did the same with Minnie). It’s also been a bit of a funny one with schools all having different holidays (some are still off now). But hey ho this is the reality of running a business, it’s never going to be easy and I guess this is the point I wanted to make. I think many people look at the studio and think ‘ah what a nice easy job’, don’t get me wrong it’s very nice, but also very uncertain and at times stressful. On a more positive note, thank you to everyone that visited us and also came to our events, we had such fun and it was great to see familiar faces and get to know new ones too .

Anyway, if you’ve been following my daily blog over on Instagram @drama_pots_and_me you will see I’ve actually managed to relax (and lie in until 8.45am!!! on Monday) this week. So I’m feeling totally refreshed and massively excited about what we have coming up.

Many of you will have seen me do a post asking other small businesses in the area of babies and toddlers to get in touch for a fabulous opportunity. Lots of you have, and I’m so excited this week to work on the marketing of what’s to come 😃, watch this space guys! We still have a couple of slots left though if you didn’t see our post, so please get in touch if your business is involved with babies and toddlers.

I’m also in the process of planning next half term 🙈, only because May is a super busy month for me personally and we are going on holiday, yay!! So this means I need to be super organised as we also have Fathers Day coming up.

I’ve created some new samples for Fathers Day which I can’t wait to share as they are soooo cute, thank you to my lovely baby volunteers who helped me to make them 😍.

Right I better dash and crack on rather than talking about cracking on…!


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