The high’s and the low’s

22nd July 2018

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged as I’ve been hopping around like a headless chicken with my broken knee… I’ve been high and low this past month, it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster.

I was sad and relieved to say goodbye to Prestwich, my saddest moments were saying goodbye to my Minnie’s Treasures room (creating beautiful keepsakes is probably one of my most favourite parts of the job and so many memories have been made in that room) and seeing Nicola’s lovely Grandad paint over the murals in the party room that has hosted so many fabulous and enjoyable parties 🎈. Equally I was so stressed out trying to get it closed in time and putting on all my friends and family to help me out, as I was pretty useless. So in the end it was a huge relief to close the door and know that I only needed to focus on one studio and making it as amazing as I possibly could for everyone who visits us.

It’s been a bit of a crazy 10 days, some of you will have seen that I launched a competition for schools. Initially we were utterly thrilled with the response, then pretty gutted by the negativity and I did wonder why I’d bothered (I’m a bit of a worrier and worry if I can’t pleasd everyone), but in the end everyone has been lovely and congratulated the winners. So it’s ended on a high and we are super excited to go into the school in September and share pictures of the schools creations with you.

I’m really excited for the school holidays, we’ve got lots of great workshops planned 😊, check out our events page for what’s going on… I’ve tried to include some baby and toddler events as I know from having my two that holidays can be a bit boring when you have a baby/toddler everything seems to stop.

Last week it was in the news that slime can be dangerous… our slime is not dangerous and complies with all safety laws, so if you’d like to learn how to make safe slime without using laundry detergents pop along to our slime bar 😃, it is open every day as set times so just check out the times on the slime bar tab before popping along.

In my personal life I’ve felt like I’ve been chopping down trees 🌲 as they say (or at least attempting to)… finally got Paul to put up a shelf in our porch so that I can put cute baskets on the top of it… I’ll let you see the photo to show how that went 🙈. This week we also had our house rendered, it has been desperate for about 5 years, the builders did an amazing job other than they did it yellow when it was supposed to be white😱, we live in a row of white houses.., our neighbours now think we have gone mad I’m sure.

Anyway, on that note I’m off to watch love island 🌴 (my guilty pleasure)…


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