6th February 2018 | Emily's Blog, Next - Arndale Centre News |

BIG NEWS! Our Slime Bar opens 12th February! I thought I'd let you guys know how it will work as we have had lots of queries and updating the website is a bit tricky for a technophobe like me, especially now that it's a new super duper one:

  • The slime bar will be open all day every day, you don't need to warn us in advance that you are doing slime- the slime bar will be there in all its glory!
  • You can book a table online on our online booking system, which we recommend for school holidays (the £2 per person is just a deposit and will come off your total bill on the day)
  • Our Slime prices are £8 per slime made and this includes a colour of your choice, or 2 slimes per person for £13. There will then be optional extras like glitter and scents from 50p, as well as unicorn and alien pots to make in which you can use glass paint and air drying clay (prices for the pots re yet to be figured out).
  • You will get to take your slime home the same day.

Sadly we can't offer this at Prestwich at the moment as we just don't have the space....

We are so excited to bring this to our studio! Hope you guys will join us!


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