Painting Shenanigans

16th September 2018

I would describe this week as one of painting… it started last Sunday morning when I sat on the sofa (like I am now) and decided I no longer like our living room… Paul no longer puts up resistance as he knows once I have a bee in my bonnet that’s it (poor bloke). 

Fast forward a few hours and we have lots of paint from a trip to B&Q and I was busy painting some old furniture I wanted to up-cycle along with our old stone fireplace. Monday I persuaded family to have Rory so that I could get the walls painted. I’ve chosen grey as the scheme, Paul says that the whole house is slowly turning grey scale, but I do love it. 

Tuesday was a crazy day, it was the day me and Nicola visited our school competition winners at a Higher Failsworth. With 440 tiles being painted it was very tiring but so much fun, all the children were super polite and so lovely. The school are going put the tiles on the wall outside for all to see. I’ll be sure to post a photo of it when it’s complete. 

Wednesday I was off to Ireland to see my heavily pregnant bestie who has just moved there. More painting involved 😂as she is in nesting overdrive and was having carpets laid yesterday so I painted her living room ready for the new carpets,  an you guess the colour scheme… Grey! Her other half was feeling guilty as he left for work, but in the words of Julie ‘don’t worry she can’t sit still’ 🏃🏼‍♀️, plus I did feel sorry for him as he has a similar look on his face as Paul, in that it’s easier to just go with the flow . 

Some of you may have seen her baby shower plate that I posted, she loved it. I was amazed it made it in one piece as I’d not bargained for Ryanair putting my hand luggage in the hold 😬, thankfully super organised Nicola had bubble wrapped it for me. 

Friday I arrived back to the studio to lots of Halloween 🎃 and Christmas 🎄 samples to paint from all the little handprints and footprints many of you helped Nicola do on Thursday, thank you for that! 

I’m so excited to post these samples and show you the fabulous things you can make in our up and coming events. For the first time since opening I am planning all events at once up until January rather than ad hoc last minute as usual 🙈. We’ve even got a booklet full of the events, there is around 40 to choose from, so if you are popping by do pop in and grab one. 

There’s going to be lots of baby and toddler read and paints as they have proved popular recently. Lots of Unicorn events along with a Harry Potter event, Halloween party, Crafternoon tea with Santa and more! 

One of the more controversial events is baby Bumpkin (baby bums on plates turned into pumpkins). Some people are offended by this. But one thing I have learnt in dealing with the public is that someone will always be offended / unhappy and despite my best efforts I’ll never please everyone all of the time. It’s taken a while to accept this but I’m getting there. 

Lots of the events will be put up on Facebook and the website on Tuesday. 

Anyway, I’m off to lay some laminate flooring now (yes at 8am in a morning). Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your weekend 😘


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