Meerkats and Cat Poo…

11th January 2018 | Emily's Blog, Next - Arndale Centre News, Prestwich News

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I blogged… things got a little crazy and I wasn’t sure if I was coming or going. In hindsight opening a new store at our busiest time of year was always going to be a little bit crazy- the good news is I shed loads of pounds running round, so I totally pigged out over Christmas!

So the opening of our new store in Next went well, we had the bauble hunt in which lots of people took part- thank you if you were one of them. Also I’ve been so overwhelmed with support from my Prestwich customers, it’s been really lovely how you guys have popped in to say hi and have a look around. I am so happy with how the new studio looks, I keep having to pinch myself.

With the studio being new there are still lots of things I’d like to add to the walls etc and add lots of ‘character’ or ‘clutter’ as Paul calls it, but these things take time (however I have a very exciting plan in which to do it that will involve everyone)…

We have our first parties booked in for our new studio, with the first being at the end of the month, I’m very excited as the party room is so spacious and sparkly new 😊. Talking of parties, this week we will be launching some exciting new party packages (including slime)… I am always trying to bring new ideas to those of you who have had a party with us and would like to return to us for a different one! Watch this space…

Other exciting news is that we have lots of events coming up, my personal favourite has to be the meet and make a meerkat! I love meerkats and can’t wait to have a cuddle with one (if I get chance as I know the children will be enjoying having cuddles). It has been absolutely hilarious emailing the Next management team (who have been so amazingly welcoming to me and the team)about having meerkats in store 😂. I think their insurance people probably think someone has gone mad, and I don’t think health and safety ever expected to be doing a meerkat risk assessment he he he!!!

Anyway… we also have make a bath bomb and paint with bubbles. I came up with this idea as I spend a small fortune in bath bombs. Of course these bath bombs aren’t for me, I never get to have a bath (I do shower though I promise), but my double trouble love them!

Right, well the Asda van had just pulled up so I better dash and put the shopping away, then I’ll continue to search the house for our new cats poo 💩, she’s not the best at using a tray, but it appears this particular one has been hidden (3 million candles wouldn’t even begin to cover the smell I think the house my need fumigating), as ever- rock and roll!


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