How it Works

Paint a Pot

We have lots of different methods of decorating our pots. Our most popular is the glazed pots which take a week to prepare once they have been painted. We also do take home the same day paints and foam clay.

We recommend giving us a call to reserve a table during school holidays and weekends as we can get busy. 

Glazed Pots

Foam Clay

Create a bobbly effect in this playdough like material and take home your pot the same day! Recommended age 7 years plus and not recommended for cups or plates.

Acrylic Paints

These our our fabulous take home the same day paints and can be used by any age. You can’t use these paints on cups or plates, so just decorative items.

Pick a pot

We have over 200 designs to choose from and the price of the pot is the price you pay

We work our magic!

We dip your pots in our special glaze and fire them in our kiln

Ready to collect

Pots take a week to glaze and fire to turn out amazing!