Happy Mother’s Day

31st March 2019

I’ve discovered I’m really terrible at blogging… every blog starts with ‘it’s been a while’ 🙈. I just never seem to be able to find a spare 20 minutes… so my thoughts are that I’m going to create an Instagram account that’s all about what I get up to each day, I’m thinking this will only take 5 minutes per day and will keep everyone (including my friends and family 😂) in the loop as to what I’m up to. I’m not going to spam the Facebook page as I’m sure everyone doesn’t want to know, but those who do can give me a follow 😊.  It is on my to do list for this week…

So today is Mother’s Day, it’s a funny one for me, since Mum died I find this day particularly hard, so I tend to avoid going out for meals etc. Each year gets a little easier, mainly due to my double trouble getting older and being excited to give me their creations 💐, it helps take my mind off things. There have been lots of lovely creations in the studio, mainly mums creating for their mums, but there has been the odd sweet Dad coming in creating…if one of these Dad’s belong to you then you have a good one! 

This week sees the start of the school holidays. Lots of schools are off at different times this Easter 🐣, so we’ve tried to do each event at least once per week so that nobody misses out. We are definitely the most excited we’ve ever been about events for these ones…

Our studio will be decorated as Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory 🏭, with candy balloons galore, then on the wonka events there will be a candy bar, complete with sweet trees and we’ll be doing blindfolded taste tests 🎫. We literally cannot wait and do a happy Dan e each time we post another golden ticket!

Our other events are equally fabulous, PJ Masks, Peter Rabbit and a Mad Hatters 🎩 tea party! To book any of our events you can do so on our website. 

Right I need to get Rory ready for football so I better dash. I hope you lovely Mums are spoiled today with rest and relaxation (especially new mummy’s!) and those that are joining us today, have a fabulous time 😘


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