Drama Drama

11th April 2019

So on my last blog I said I’d be starting up a new Instagram account which will be updated more regularly than I do my blog… it’s live 😁! I’ll still be blogging now and again but I’ll hopefully be updating my new Instagram blog every day with what shenanigans I’m up to.

I was trying to come up with a name that was relevant rather than just my name, in the end I settled for something that sums me up @drama_pots_and_me 👌🏻I remember when I worked at the arena someone saying ‘morning, are you ok’ and my reply was ‘not bad, although it’s 8.30 (am) and I’ve already had 6 dramas’ (one of them was helping someone who’d just been run over- then by chance that afternoon I saw someone else get run over 😱- I digress but it was a very dramatic day). So my thoughts were the name fits perfectly. 

On to what I’ve been up to at the shop… we’ve had our first set of events and met some lovely people, from a little girl who had bunny everything’s to the cutest Willy Wonka I’ve ever seen (some of you may have seen his picture I posted earlier in the week). I’m already planning May’s events (in my head) and am super excited… one is going to be the same theme as one of my infamous ‘shed’ parties- the bar at the bottom of my garden (although my rum punch won’t be on the menu 😂). 

I’ve kind of abandoned my social media for Emily’s Soap Shop and Minnie’s Treasures lately, in all honesty I haven’t had any spare time and I’ve not had the motivation to work in the evenings as I’ve been quite poorly- think Rory must have gave me one of his constant lurgies 🤒. But… I have been working on some new and exciting things that are ready to share so watch this space! 

Also going on in the background is the dreaded year end for our accounts… I’ve no idea how I used to be an accountant, I literally despise the mundaneness of year end 😩. 

On my last blog I forgot to mention the response for my previous blog (if that make sense- feels like too many blogs in one sentence)… but I had lots of kind messages from others that suffer / have suffered with anxiety, so I’m glad it was appreciated by some of you and I hope it helped a little too 😊. 

Right I best go rescue my mother in law… she had both kids today and they are making her play ‘tig’ and she’s always it 😂good job action man grandma had just got back from a week long walking holiday climbing mountains ⛰ 😂!

Oooo one last thing… I dropped my phone down the loo 🚽 on Saturday night and it died, so I’ve hit a new one, how cool is face recognition 😮- anyway… have a lovely evening folks x 


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