Crazy Season

8th December 2018

So crazy season is nearly over… hence why I’m managing to write my blog at 7am on a Saturday morning. This year has been much easier than last year with just one store to concentrate on, although still needing 13+hour days off very little sleep to process and paint everyones pots. I’m looking forward to having a rest, but equally I’ll be sad in January when we are quiet 😭. 

We’ve had some really lovely mums and babies in the studio doing prints (and the odd Dad 🤫), Imprints and more. My favourite days have been the Photoshoot days as all the babies and toddlers dressed in their little Christmas costumes and outfits were just sooooo cute 😍. 

Our last pottery and Prosecco evening was so much fun too, we had a full house and literally everyone was lovely and in the Christmas spirit, it was such a nice atmosphere. I’m super excited to see some of the pots fired. 

At the start of the week we went to Next’s Christmas do, we had a great laugh, but never am I mixing so many drinks again 🤢. 

On Sunday morning we have Crafternoon Tea with Santa, I’m taking my double trouble, they are so excited to meet Santa 🎅🏻. If you are attending please make sure you arrive at 11 for the event. If you missed out on a ticket, fear not, I’ll be putting up lots of new and exciting events in January for both adults and children. 

Lots of people say to me ‘I bet you have a tree full of baubles’, I don’t have a single bauble 🙈, I’m always too busy painting everyone else’s 😂, but I’m determined at Crafternoon Tea we will be painting one each 💪as I’ll be there as a customer (hopefully). I wish I’d have counted how many I’ve painted so far…maybe next year. 

Talking of which, if you’d like me to add any writing on any of your pots please come in before 12th December to collect pots 10 days later. If you are painting Christmas gifts 🎁 yourself please come in before 16th December. These are for our glazed paints, but acrylic and foam are still available should you want something none handprint to take the same day. 

Right I’m off to put some new curtains up, don’t know why I choose to decorate the kids bedrooms when I’m on my last legs 🤔, but they are almost complete, just the finishing touches now🤪. 


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