Casting Gino

13th April 2018

We had a super exciting day yesterday over at our new studio. It was the official launch of the new Next store 🎉so there was lots of things going on, such as celebrity stylists, face painting, DJ’s and lots of giveaways!

We met lots of new lovely people who came to our studio for free glitter tattoos. All the team, including me will be sparkling with the glitter for at least a month. Do you ever look at someone’s face that may have food on and not tell them (I don’t know why we do that?)… well I felt yesterday was one of those days with glitter… the first few times we’d be like ‘oh you have glitter on your nose’, then we gave up and embraced the sparkle!

Our most exciting part of the day was getting to do a 3D casting of Gino D’Acampo’s hands. The plan was to do it in our studio but his schedule was running a bit behind so we said we’d do it in his Pizza and Prosecco Bar upstairs.

I’m not going to lie I felt very nervous doing this 1, in a restaurant (as it’s a messy process), 2, on a celeb and 3, in front of a packed restaurant. Anyway all went ok (apart from a near miss with Gino’s very expensive looking jacket 🙈), and I’m super excited for it to dry out so that I can decorate it and share the pictures with you guys. For now the casting is sat on my kitchen table, I do find it quite funny that Paul and the kids don’t event bat an eyelid that I regularly have limbs dotted all over the house.

After the casting was fine I felt relieved and in need of a Prosecco🍾(it’s just occurred to me that this emoji is my second most used-that’s a slight worry)… After is finished with the cast we had a get together with everyone in the store as well as our team. It’s really good to catch up with the other concessions and see how everyone is getting on in this new venture.

In all the excitement I forgot to/didn’t have time to eat, not eating and copious amounts of Prosecco aren’t the best mix. The result of this being that I found myself in a Salsa 💃 lesson at 11am at night. I’ve never done salsa dancing in my life, but we did seem to have lots of fun (Simon- Marketing guy sent me lots of videos this morning).

So talking of Prosecco, May is going to be our last ever Pottery and Prosecco night in Prestwich 3rd May, as well as our first ever Prosecco night in Next 10th May.

I hope you guys will join us, we have lots of new fabulous pottery in both studios, plus I have the most amazing unicorn and Day if the dead stencils that I can show you how to use if you’d like 😊

Lastly, this week we have a great early bird offer on Daddy’s big breakfast plate. We’ll help with all prints and do them artwork all for £15 on our standard size dinner plates. This is at both studios and you can just pop along.

Right I’m off to bath my double trouble who are currently causing chaos in the garden with jumbo chalks. Have a fabulous weekend and I hope you’ll join us for pottery painting or slime making.


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