Bye Bye Prestwich…

12th June 2018

So the day has come in which I am saying goodbye to pride and joy. I feel relieved and also very sad, for those who have read my previous blog I won’t repeat myself too much, but I really do think it is for the best, to give me a bit of a life back and also to concentrate on my studio in Next and make it even more amazing. over to the formatilities:

Collecting Pots:

Sunday 17th June will be the last day for pottery collection, we will be open every day until then 10-4. Any pots that we have stored for 2 months or more will be donated to the charity shop (as we don’t have the space in next to store them), any that we have had for less than 2 months will come to next with us for 1 month only, from Tuesday 19th June. If you don’t have a ticket you will need to collect by Sunday as we will have no way of knowing which is your pot if you don’t bring your ticket to Next.

The Hungry Caterpillar:

We will still be going ahead with this event, you will just need to pick your pots up on Saturday or Sunday.

One final note:

I hope if you are popping into Manchester you will come in and get your pottery painting fix, or even still use us for your children’s Birthday parties, we have the most fabulous party room and the metro link stops right outside! Thank you all for being so lovely and all the kind well wishes that I have received. I have tried to keep you all as posted as possible, but up until yesterday I had no idea if I was keep Prestwich for another year or another day…

I’m now off to feed my double trouble and make some very last minute Fathers Day gifts with them (yes even I leave it until the very last minute!).

Take care

Emily xx




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