Bolton Here We Come…

16th October 2018

Lot’s has been happening since my last blog… my most exciting personal bit of news is that my bestie has had her baby (the one I went to see in Dublin on my last blog), she’s named Georgia and is absolutely beautiful. When I heard the news I couldn’t resist but pay a surprise visit to Dublin, so off me and Paul went and it was so lovely. The only stressful part was when I went to get the paint and baubles out of my handbag that I’d taken to Dublin to take Georgia’s prints, to find that I’d managed to leave the paint in the hotel (an hour away from Julie and David’s. I honestly wonder how I get through each day sometimes.

The studio has been busy hosting lots of parties and also busy creating some amazing keepsakes in our Minnie’s Treasures room, the cut off for imprints this year is 15th November and the cut off for castings is 1st November, we literally only have a few weekend appointments left before then. We are running out of space to store them whilst they are drying, so much so that I have quite a few on the side in my kitchen!

In others news I have been ‘working’ with the other shops within next. Sergent Ceasers very kindly (at super short notice) came to a Macmillan event over at the Manchester Arena to shave 2 peoples heads. I got the phone call from the lovely Karen (my old friend in HR who was organising the event) asking do I know a barber… long story short I told him it will be a few people in the staff office. We arrived a bit late to about 80 people sat in the backstage bar all ready to watch him shave the heads ha ha, but he did soooo well and most importantly raised lots of cash for a charity very dear to my heart, that have helped my family out so much.

I met with the super glamourous Gino’s team on Friday and we are going to be working on two events together, which I hope to reveal soon, I’m so excited for these events that I want to take part rather than work!

Last but not least… do do dooooo… we will be opening a pop up shop in the new super amazing next store in Bolton, Middlebrook retail park. We have had lots of customers from Bolton visit us so this will hopefully be much more convenient for those customers wanting personalised, hassle free gifts. We will be open on 27th October until the week before Christmas. Our team will be taking prints on pottery and then returning them to the Bolton store for collection. I do love this store it is so sparkly and new, I think I must have been a magpie in a previous life… which brings me on to Make A Unicorn bauble workshop (the most sparkly amazing bauble ever)…

Don’t forget to check out our half term workshops and events beyond half term which are now all listed on our events page on our website, if you don’t fancy an event we have lots of Halloween and Christmas pots for you to paint along with our ever popular slime bar- with special Halloween Slimes for you to try…

See you soon guys x


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