Bit of an update…

24th May 2018

Hey guys, so it’s been a while since I’ve had chance to write a full blog, but hopefully you guys have been keeping up with my mini blogs on Instagram.

The big news is that it is looking like this will be our last half term in Prestwich (really hope you guys will come visit), this all depends on how things go with the lease etc, but I will keep you posted… we will be closing at the end of June at the earliest so there is still lots of time to create Fathers Day gift etc.

We have lots and lots of events coming up that have kept us busy planning over the last month, from slime to bubbles and Pokemons to Peter Rabbits, check out the events on each page on the website for more info.

We hosted our first Pottery and Prosecco night at the end of May in Next. It was a lovely atmosphere and lots of you left very kind reviews, so thank you for that. We will be hosting lots more with dates to be announced after half term.

Some of you may have seen that I have been making my own pots! This was such fun although super messy!!! But the result is that we will have some unique amazing pieces for you to paint- watch this space.

Each time I go to Prestwich I get a lot of customers ask why I am closing, some look sad and others a little angry, but the reality is I really want to concentrate on the amazing opportunity that is my beautiful spacious studio in Next. Each time I drive in and look at the building (pic on the blog) I have to pinch myself that little old me is this amazing store. I’d be crazy not to grab this with both hands, I’d be equally as crazy to continue working 14 hour days.

Talking of 14 hour days, the lovely Nicola our store manager will be turning in to me next week… I am off on holiday for the first time ever in school holidays… now that Minnie is in school we have no choice but to go then, so we are off to the not so sunny Spain. It is just my luck that Spain currently has worse weather than here… but hey ho I’m still super excited and amazingly relaxed as the studios are in safe hands with our Nicola.

Hilariously, you guys may not be safe on instagram… I have handed all our social media over to Nicola who had never used instagram before, it seems she has become addicted to it in 24 hours, the comments and things that are popping up keep making me chuckle.

Enjoy the sunshine- but if you get too hot remember to pay us a visit 🙂 x


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