An eventful one…

23rd January 2019

I hope you guys all had a great Christmas and New Year 😊. Mine was…. eventful (shock- not). I had a couple of weeks off thanks to the fabulous Nicola holding the fort, and it was really lovely to spend time with the kids as in the lead up to Christmas I hardly see them. I managed to put half a stone on 🐽 so the food was definitely good!

Christmas Day wasn’t what we expected, a long story short but an ambulance called mid present opening followed by the day in resus a&e was the order of the day. My poor grandad had s brain infection that caused him to have a serious seizure. I’m the only grandchild and my mum was the only child, so we are very close. Luckily my mother in law and Dad helped make the day special for the kids and kept them up late so we saw them when we got back.

After this, we went away with friends and 10 1-6 year olds, it was like being back at the shop 😂but such fun.

In the meantime I’ve been setting up a new business… because I literally don’t know how to relax 🙈. I’m not going to say much more right now, but all will be revealed on my next blog.

I do love January at the shop, planning new events and parties etc. I’m super excited for our new party packages: LOL themed and Make and Take A Unicorn 🦄 (its soooo cute), our usual ever popular packages are still available too.

I’ve had a few requests to do the LOL party as a workshop, so we are doing this in Feb half term, available to book on our events page now! All our other events for Feb half term are also available to book on there too 😊, as well as the make a unicorn, painting with bubbles and even pottery sgraffito!

Last if all, I wasn’t expecting to be on TV 📺 this month! The pure excitement in the kids (leaping all over the sofa) when Mummy appeared on TV was priceless! I’m super proud of all the lovely customers that agreed to be on camera too, so a big thank you to you 😊.

Right I’m off to defrost the car 🚗, I hate this cold weather, even though it looks pretty ☃️


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